Professor Anderson is a chartered psychologist, internationally recognized sexologist, certified personal trainer, authoritative running coach, and academic expert on men, adolescent males, sexualities, and sport psychology. 

  • Whether it's navigating issues of erectile dysfunction, infidelity, relationship conflicts, improving social skills, enhancing self esteem, boosting sports performance, overcoming subclinical depression, suicidal thoughts, or managing generalized worries or anxiety related to phobias, Dr. Anderson provides a bespoke treatment program. 

  • Therapy can be provided in multiple settings from a conventional office to telephone conversations. However, many men prefer therapy while walking, for example in the woods. 


A free initial 5-minute conversation will aid in determining your therapeutic needs. Following this, a mutually agreed meeting point and time will be established for your first session.
There is no pressure to book another session. Length of sessions and follow ups are your choice.

Rates for walking or call sessions
under 20 years old:   £45.00
above 20 years old:   £85.00

Rates for traditional office session
under 20 years old:   £65.00
above 20 years old:   £105.00

Based in Basingstoke and available in Winchester and Reading, with flexible sessions to suit your needs via telephone, in an office setting, or while engaging in activities like walking in nature.

Flexible scheduling to accommodate your availability