Academic, Therapist, Consultant, Coach

Dr. Eric Anderson is a Professor of Sport, Health and Social Sciences at the University of Winchester. He is a Chartered Psychologist and leading expert in adolescent and men's issues.


Leading expert in

Masculinity, friendship and bromances  -  Sex and issues of sexuality -  Relationships, monogamy and cheating  -   Sport and exercise psychology  -  Sport and Concussion


Academic Work

An accomplished author and researcher, Anderson has over 25 published books and 100 scientific papers

Spokesperson and Consultant

In the Media

Anderson and his work regularly feature in global media on TV, radio, and in mainstream news outlets



Anderson has mentored over a dozen doctoral students and dozens of Master's students who have gone on to achieve remarkable success in academia and beyond

Chartered Psychologist & Certified Personal Trainer

Bespoke Counselling

Therapy designed for the way men prefer it: solution focused, away from an office and with an expert on men

Wellness Coaching

Individual exercise, diet, habit, and social skills programs to enhance physical and mental wellbeing

Fitness Training

Personal training and distance running coaching to help reach physical fitness or racing goals