Former Students

Several postgraduate students mentored by Professor Anderson have developed their careers and gone on to achieve remarkable positions in academia and beyond 
Professor Mark McCormack

Professor at University of Roehampton

Mark earned his PhD studying the decline of homophobia in Western cultures. With previous positions at Brunel and Durham, he holds a chair at Roehampton. 

Dr. Rory Magrath

Associate Professor, Solent University, Southhampton

Rory earned his PhD studying the construction of masculinity among elite footballers. He also researches issues of LGBT inclusion within sport.


Dr. Rachael Bullingham

Senior Lecturer, Worcester University

Jo earned her PhD studying lesbian community within sport. Research interests include LGBT athletes and concussion in sport.

Dr. Adam White

Head of Brain Health, Professional Footballs' Association

Adam earned his PhD studying concussion in sport. He both researches and conducts policy work in this field.

Dr. Ryan Scoats

Lecturer, Coventry University

Ryan earned his PhD studying threesomes. He also researches people’s experiences of sexual threesomes, consensual non-monogamy, the changing nature of masculinities, and inclusivity within board game culture.



Dr. Adi Adams

Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University 

Adi earned his PhD studying boyhood masculinity in football. Research interests include LGBT sport and masculinities.

Dr. Carol Shepherd

Lecturer at Inverness College, University of the Highlands & Islands

Carol earned her PhD studying bisexuality in the Christian faith. Research interests include LGBT diversity and theological studies.

Dr. Stephan Robinson

Head of Policy and PMO, Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Stephan earned his PhD studying the bromance. Research interests include masculinities, health, and public policy.

Dr. John Batten 

Senior Fellow, University of Winchester

John earned his PhD studying expectancy effects in education. Research interests include brain trauma in sport, exercise and physical activity participation, as well as expectancy effects in education, exercise, and sport.

Dr. Jo Batey

Senior Fellow, University of Winchester

Jo earned her PhD studying expectancy effects in education. Research interests include brain trauma in sport, gender discrimination in sport, and expectancy effects in education.

Dr. Jack Hardwicke

Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Tren University

Jack earned his PhD studying masculinity in cycling. Jack also conducts research on physical activity promotion within greenspaces.

Dr. Kerry Wardell

Sport Development Manager, Test Valley Council

Kerry earned her PhD studying the relevance of Sport England’s 2016 strategy to residents of Test Valley. She also researches sport in a developing nations.

Interested in Studying with Professor Anderson?

Anderson is highly selective in accepting PhD students who are motivated to work from a scientific and empirical perspective. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with Professor Anderson, please reach out to him with an abstract of your interests.